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Total Reward

illimity encourages a meritocratic and inclusive total reward approach to the skills expressed, performance in terms of results achieved and conduct shown, by giving value to internal benchmarks and external market references with the aim of ensuring a fair remuneration system sustainable over time.
More specifically, the Group’s incentive strategy fosters short- and medium/long-term objectives, in accordance with illimity’s values and consistent with the Business Plan, thereby contributing to an alignment of the interests of investors with those of all of the Company’s stakeholders.
In support of this model, all illimiters are shareholders and participate in the Company’s growth as beneficiaries of a broad-based shareholding plan designed to increase an employee’s sense of belonging, directing him or her towards the creation of long-term value. Management and key members of staff are members of long-term incentive schemes that reinforce the alignment of the beneficiaries’ interests with the priority aim of creating value that is sustainable over time.
To encourage excellent performance also in the short term, illimity’s remuneration policy provides for an annual incentive scheme – linked to a Performance Management system – that rewards the achievement of the annual objectives and the adoption of conduct in line with illimity’s skills model.

Lastly, as part of an integrated business welfare scheme, the illimity Group has established a distinctive benefit policy, flexible in the choice of services with best-in-class solutions, that ensures that illimiters have an evolved flexible benefits plan that can be tailored according to one’s individual and family needs.

Performance Management

The Performance Management process enables illimity to monitor, check and develop the performance of illimiters by determining the areas of individual growth. The system makes it possible to measure the quality of performance in terms of results and conduct, to recognise and reward merit and to ensure moments of discussion/feedback between manager and employee, identifying the steps to be taken to obtain the desired results.

To encourage fairness, the valuation system envisages, together with the traditional assessment of the employee by the manager, the possibility for illimiters to self-assess their conduct and that of their colleagues, in this way providing them with a full-circle contribution useful for measuring the efficacy of their conduct and enabling them to grow in a structured manner.