We were born with a clear mission:
recognise and enhance the potential of people, families and businesses.

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The Glance talks about the values that inspire illimity's foundation. It is dedicated to all the glances that we have encountered in our life and that helped us achieve our projects.

illimity talks

The illimity talks are a new format, to look beyond patterns and shape possible futures. Courageous stories of scientists, businessman and opinion leaders who are changing the world, with their ideas.

Who we are

illimity is a new-generation bank. As well as being specialised in its skills and offering, it relies on the best information technology (IT) and guarantees new levels of quality, service and efficiency. All this without ever losing the human connection.

We are confident
about our solidity.

illimity is a new-generation bank. As well as being specialised in its skills and offering, it relies on the best information technology (IT) and guarantees new levels of quality, service and efficiency. All this without ever losing the human connection.


We are confident about our solidity.

CET1 is the most important solidity index for banks. Ours is one of the highest in the italian market.



Today we are more than 500 people coming from more than 150 different companies.


A growing business

In less than a year, we have already developed 1.93 billion euros of business.

Figures refer to 1Q20 Find out more

From idea to reality in less than a year:

now is the time for real change.

18 January 2018

Spaxs was born

Establishment of Spaxs, the first Italian special-purpose acquisition company, to pursue an investment project aimed at the creation of a new player in the banking sector.

1 February 2018

Spaxs quotation

With and institutional placement of €600 million, mostly from foreign investors, Spaxs is established as the first Spac by size in Europe and is listed on AIM segment.

8 August 2018

illimity was born

A meeting of Spaxs shareholders approves the merger with Banca Interprovinciale and announces the name of the new bank: illimity is born.

20 September 2018

illimity starts operating

The acquisition of Banca Interprovinciale is completed and illimity begins to operate on the market.

5 March 2019

illimity quotation

The merger between Spaxs and Banca Interprovinciale becomes effective, and illimity debuts on the MTA italian Stock Exchange.

5 April 2019

illimity presents neprix

Illimity introduces neprix, an Distressed Credit innovative servicing platform with a focus on Corporate clientele.

15 May 2019

illimity in partnership with Raisin

illimity’s deposit accounts is now available cross-border.

25 June 2019

Acquisition of IT Auction

illimity enters an agreement for the acquisition of IT Auction, wich, combined with neprix, create the first end-to-end operator specializing in Corporate Distressed Credits.

27 June 2019

Vai oltre la forma

Launch of the direct banking for the first ambassadors of the community Vai oltre la forma. The digital direct bank, the third branch of illimity, launched.

12 September 2019

Welcome illimitybank.com

Welcome illimitybank.com, the digital direct bank for individuals, families and businesses that aims to simplify people's lives thanks to state-of-the-art technology and a strong human dimension.

25 February 2020

illimity SGR

illimity SGR is founded to manage alternative investment funds

Management team

“Our bank is the result of many illimiters working everyday to improve the future of our country: individuals, families, enterprises. We have built a bank based on a new business paradigm for all of them.”
Corrado Passera
“We are building a new generation bank on two pillars of corporate responsibility: social wellbeing and environmental sustainability.”
Isabella Falautano
Chief Communication & Stakeholder Engagement Officer
“Intervening in the market at the right time is not only a second chance for the entrepreneur, but a second chance for all the associated ecosystems.”
Andrea Clamer
Head of Distressed Credit Investment and Servicing
“illimity is a community of experts committed to achieving their goals – principly the relaunch and development of companies which have strong growth potential/potential to grow.”
Enrico Fagioli
Head of SME
“We are the first bank in Italy, and one of very few in Europe, born in the Cloud. And because we are without legacy, we are without limits.”
Carlo Panella
Head of Direct Banking and Chief Digital Operations Officer
“Innovation, efficiency and transparency are illimity’s strengths: we’re a startup operating in the complex and traditional banking sector, but still able to earn investors’ confidence.”
Francesco Mele
Chief Financial Officer and Head of Central Function
“Innovation comprises two interdependent factors: scientific methodology and a bold managerial approach. Our focus at illimity is to foster both.”
Claudio Nordio
Chief Risk Officer
"illimity is the bank that truly sees internal audit as an opportunity. In such an environment, one really can achieve amazing things, using the latest technologies on the market."
Fabio Marchesi
Head of Internal Audit