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Share Capital

Share Capital

At 22 December 2022 illimity share capital equals to €54,513,905.72, entirely subscribed and paid up, divided into 83,645,108 ordinary shares with no par value.
The Ordinary Shares, listed on the Euronext Milan market since 5 March 2019 and on the STAR segment since 10 September 2020 and having ISIN code IT0005359192, are freely transferable.
For information purposes only, significant shareholders holding at least 5% of the share capital with voting rights with percentages resulting from the most recent available information:

Banca Sella Holding S.p.A. 10.00%

Banca Sella Holding S.p.A.

LR Trust - FIDIM 8.12%

LR Trust - FIDIM

FermION Investment Group Limited 7.26%

FermION Investment Group Limited

Tensile - Metis Holdings S.à r.l. 7.01%

Tensile Capital Management LLC subsidiary

AMC Metis S.à r.l. 6.56%

Atlas Merchant Capital Fund LP subsidiary


Given the significant size of the market in which the Bank operates and the relative growth opportunities, a flexible dividend policy is envisaged to maximise the creation of shareholder value, with a pay-out ratio of between 20% and 30% determined over the term of the illimity Group’s 2021-25 Strategic Plan, this to be calculated at the time on the basis of the actual availability of high capital return investments. The first dividend will be paid out of 2022 net profit with a pay-out ratio of 20%. The dividend policy remains subject to the limits currently set by the Regulator for the period through 30 September 2021.