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ESG ratings and indices

ESG ratings and indices

We maintain constant interaction with our institutional investors and the ratings agencies on ESG matters, to ensure that environmental, social and governance issues are properly tackled, consistent with a commitment to maximum transparency towards the market.

We are committed to constant improvement in the most accredited ESG ratings and indices by reporting on them periodically.
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MSCI assesses the performance of companies against environmental, social, and governance risks over the long term, awarding a score on a scale from "CCC" (laggard) to "AAA" (leader).

Last update: August 2023

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ISS ESG Corporate Ratings evaluate companies’ ESG-related risks, opportunities, and impact along the corporate value chain.

Last update: October 2023

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Sustainalytics measures a company's exposure to material ESG risks and the level of internal management of those risks.

Last updated: December 2023

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S&P Global

S&P provides an ESG rating based on an annual questionnaire called Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA).

Last update: February 2023

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CDP is a nonprofit that operates the world's largest environmental disclosure platform. It provides a score for each company and assesses climate progress based on an annual questionnaire.

Last update: December 2022

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Standard Ethics is an agency that provides sustainability ratings issued to companies that wish to compare their ESG performance with the guidelines and models promoted by the EU, OECD and UN.

Last update: July 2023

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Integrated Governance Index (IGI)

The Integrated Governance Index (IGI) is a quantitative index developed by ETicaNews and constructed based on a questionnaire addressed to companies. The reference panel for the survey includes the top 100 listed companies that publish the Non-financial Statement.

Last update: June 2023

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Refinitiv is part of the London Stock Exchange Group and provides ESG ratings through a platform that analyzes a range of environmental, social, and governance metrics.

Last update: August 2023

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Open-es is the digital platform launched by Eni, in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Google Cloud, and open to all companies to support the sustainable development of production chains. illimity was the first Bank to join the platform.

Last update: July 2022

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