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ESG ratings and indices

ESG ratings and indices

We maintain constant interaction with our institutional investors and the ratings agencies on ESG matters, to ensure that environmental, social and governance issues are properly tackled, consistent with a commitment to maximum transparency towards the market.

We are committed to constant improvement in the most accredited ESG ratings and indices by reporting on them periodically.
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In July 2022, illimity received a significant upgrade in its MSCI score, which rose from “B” to “A”. This upgrading by three notches recognises the bank’s ongoing commitment in all three sustainability pillars. In particular, MSCI considers illimity to be one of the leading companies on the corporate governance front.

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On a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is the highest score, illimity had a best-in-class QualityScore in the Governance and Social categories and achieved a “3” in Environment, improving in all three pillars over the previous year.

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illimity has a rating of “49” with a disclosure level assessed as high, representing a leap of 37 places over the previous year’s position. illimity’s positioning is in line with that of its industry peers.

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In December 2021, first year of compilation, illimity obtained a “C” Score in the Climate Change category, positioning itself half way in the progressive hierarchical levels envisaged by the scoring model. The Group’s aim is to achieve an “investment grade” level by 2025.

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In just one year illimity has been upgraded by two notches, from “E” to “EE-“, achieving the Group’s objective of achieving an “investment grade” level. Standard Ethics recognises the value of non-financial reporting that is in line with best industry practice and a transverse and integrated sustainability management model.

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Integrated Governance Index

In 2022 illimity was placed 16th out of the 86 participating Italian listed companies, representing a rise of 22 positions over the previous year. This result testifies to illimity’s progress in the integrated sustainability governance.

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illimity was upgraded from “D+” to “B-“ in 2021, recognising the goodness of a governance system that integrates ESG factors and the constant attention given to social issues.

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For the year 2021 illimitybank.com has been recognised by D-Rating as the best Italian bank for digital performance and value creation with a rating of "BBB+". In addition, the bank was ranked second in the classification of the “National Digital Champions in South Europe”.

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illimity, with a sustainability score of “84” out of 100, was the first bank to join Open-es, the digital platform launched by Eni in conjunction with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Google Cloud which is open to all companies to support the sustainable development of industrial supply chains.

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