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illimity Bank is a new innovative and digital bank that specialises in managing NPLs, corporate credit - Turnaround, Invoice Lending, Crossover - and direct banking for individuals. illimity aims to reach 7 billion euros in total assets by 2023 along with 25% ROE.

illimity on the Stock Exchange

Stock Price

9,08€ -0,22%

Market cap ordinary shares:

€ 539,6 mln

Last update:

24/04/2019 10:38:15

Conditional share right Price

1,78€ 0,00%

Market cap conditional share rights:

€ 50,6 mln

Last update:

24/04/2019 10:28:13


illimity has 44,873,671.34 euro share capital, of which 43,377,000 euro in subscribed and paid-up share capital, divided into 59,422,861 Ordinary Shares and 1,440,000 Special Shares, all of which is no par value stock.

Ordinary Shares, listed on the MTA market since 5th March 2019, ISIN code IT0005359192, are freely transferable. Special Shares are not listed and bear no voting rights. The shareholders indicated below hold at least 5% of the share capital with unlimited voting rights:

SDP RAIF Genesis 9,88%

SDP Capital Management LTD investment fund

AMC Metis S.a.r.l. 7,74%

Atlas Merchant Capital Fund LP subsidiary

Tensile - Metis Holdings S.a.r.l. 7,01%

Tensile Capital Management LLC subsidiary

AZ Fund Management S.A. 5,005%

Azimut Group company

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