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The Entrepreneurial and Technological Banking Group specialising in Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Corporate Banking

Corporate & Investment Banking

Corporate Banking

We provide credit to high-potential businesses, accompanying them in their growth or revival paths. We respond to a company’s various needs through the use of our know-how and tailored solutions.

Structured Finance

Tailored financing solutions to assist companies with their specific needs and support them in implementing their investment plans and carrying out extraordinary corporate operations.

We provide tailored financing solutions to support the growth and development plans of companies with high industrial potential and growth prospects, also through external growth strategies.

Turnaround & Special Situations

Financial support in situations of discontinuity and distress for businesses that demonstrate high potential.

We implement measures designed to overcome situations of temporary liquidity tension, support industrial turnaround plans and rearrange capital structures (also by using the tools envisaged by the New Crisis Code).


Solutions to fund working capital and supply chain finance and obtain short-term liquidity.

We provide solutions to fund working capital and supply chain finance and to obtain short-term liquidity. Factoring allows businesses to transfer their receivables to a bank, which then deals with their overall management.

Investment Banking

Investment Banking

We support businesses by using integrated solutions to facilitate access to capital markets and finance growth, optimising capital structures and mitigating interest rate and currency risks.

Capital Markets

Services to support high-potential small and mid-caps in their growth path, also by access to the capital markets.

We provide support to listed and unlisted companies wanting to accelerate their growth, including through extraordinary operations, using both equity and debt funding.


Efficient structured finance solutions for customers wishing to diversify funding sources, improve their financial position and optimise their capital usage.

We provide efficient structured finance solutions with a high level of financial specialisation as a way of diversifying our customers’ funding sources, improving their financial position and optimising their capital absorption.

Financial Markets

Investment in the market and the provision of risk-hedging derivatives.

We invest in both the primary and secondary corporate bond market and the “alternative debt” market. We provide customers with instruments designed to mitigate market risks (interest rate and currency) in their growth path.

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Specialised Credit

Specialised Credit

We support businesses in the real estate and energy sectors and provide credit and solutions for the purchase of claims.

Asset Based Solutions

Loans secured on real estate assets and energy.

We provide loans secured on assets in the real estate and energy sectors, including those under construction.

Distressed Credit Investment

Investments in corporate non-performing loans.

We invest in corporate non-performing loans classified as distressed or UTP (Unlikely-to-Pay) by purchasing loans sold by banks or other investors.

Credit & Asset Optimisation

Sale of loans and the value enhancement of real estate assets.

We sell non-performing loans and real estate assets to third party investors, following the operation as a whole from origination to closing.

We work with an even greater degree of specialisation in high-potential segments of the market through the Group’s subsidiaries.



An Asset Management & Structuring Company specialising in servicing loans and real estate and structuring loan purchases and sales.

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illimity SGR

illimity SGR

We specialise in structuring and managing Alternative Investment Funds in support of institutions and businesses.

Credit & Corporate Turnaround Fund

The principal objective of the iCCT fund is to invest in the unlikely-to-pay loans and equity and semi-equity instruments of Italian SMEs that are financially out of balance but have sound revival prospects.

Real Estate Credit Fund

The iREC fund operates mainly in the market of distressed credit secured on real estate assets, both UTP and NPL, and in that of equity, semi-equity and real estate instruments.

Selective Credit Fund

The iSC fund is a private debt AIF that acts as as a strategic medium-long term partner for performing unlisted Italian SMEs, providing diversified funding and having a focus on ESG issues throughout the entire investment process.

Digital Ventures

Digital Ventures

Digital platforms for banking, payments and real estate with a complete offer and evolved customer experience thanks to a combination of specialist skills and advanced technologies.


The digital bank for individuals and families that provides complete and innovative products and services for daily fund management and an increase in the value of savings.


The digital bank for small corporates that combines the best financial management services with a medium-long term loan offer designed to support business growth.


The 100% Italian neo-bank, a joint venture between illimity and the Sella Group, created to reinterpret the world of banking in the name of simplicity and immediacy of use.


The first immo-tech in the Abilio network specialising in the digital brokerage of real estate assets sourced from judicial proceedings, new real estate developments, financial institutions and the open market.