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27 May 2021
The story of Navigazione Montanari
Navigazione Montanari, with over 130 years of activity, is a historic player in Italian shipping. The renewal of its naval fleet is a positive sign of dedication, innovation and relaunch for the economic system of our country.
22 April 2021
Saxa Gres story
Saxa Gres is one of those stories in which giving up is not an option. Innovating and finding the right idea is what it takes to be reborn. This is how the company has managed to make the circular economy of porcelain stoneware a winning product.
4 February 2021
Frette story
Frette is not just a brand, but an icon of elegance, luxury and Made in Italy. A company that in its 160 years of history has created fabrics of the highest quality, unique products, the result of passion, innovation and research, recognizable throughout the world.
16 December 2020
Ferretto Group
A story of intuition in the automatic warehouse sector
14 December 2020
illimity finances Smemoranda
Group in the sign of digital innovation
30 October 2020
illimity supports Be Power
A company fully committed to electric mobility. Watch the video interview of askanews
30 September 2020
A look at the FECS Group
A circular adventure towards the future
3 July 2019
illimity alongside Dovevivo, the biggest co-living company in Italy with funding of euro 22,5 million
26 June 2019
IT Auction
illimity enters an agreement for the acquisition of IT Auction, leader in online auctions of corporate assets