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illimitHER is the Diversity & Inclusion program of illimity to enhance the potential of young women. The programme is the result of the digital innovation approach being taken by STEMintheCity, the initiative fostered by the Milan Municipality to spread the STEM culture and do away with the cultural stereotypes that encourage girls not to study technical and scientific subjects.

Beyond traditional role models

We provide access for inspiring people: women who have managed to go beyond, helping to remodel the future through their own professional and personal achievements. We provide a forum for men who support gender equality. But most importantly, we give young women under 35 a voice. To connect them with other young women who are ready to enter the worlds of work and higher education. To share digital skills and professional experiences from a unique perspective: generational proximity.

Beyond stereotypes
in search of potential

A programme rich in innovation and designed to inspire. To forge the skills needed to prepare a new generation of women for the world of work and digital transformation. By breaking down stereotypes and forcefully including their talent, contributions and vision.

Beyond barriers

An open ecosystem of partnerships with associations that are committed to training new generations and diversity & inclusion. To give illimiters the chance to be part of networks. To open up such opportunities to deserving young people through the "suspended fees" project.

illimitHER. Her Potential, Our Support.


With the patronage of the Representation in Italy of the European Commission


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Narrative voices


Felice Florio


A graduate in literature from the University of Bari, he loves journalism. During his career, he has worked for Il Giorno and Repubblica. He was worked on EU cohesion policy for the site of a financial daily. He is currently a journalist at Open.


Cecilia Greco


A thirty-something professional journalist, she worked for Gedi Visual, the multimedia division of the Gedi Group. Currently holds the role of Head of Content at Torcha, an editorial project for youth information on social media.



Giulia Rosa


An illustrator and motion designer from the Brescia area, she was born in 1992. After completing art high school, she graduated in Graphic Design and Multimedia from the LAVA Academy of Fine Arts, where she also worked as an assistant. The human body is central to her work, especially the female figure.

illimitHER ecosystem

Partnership with active associations and initiatives that are committed to training new generations, and diversity & inclusion.



Hacking Talents




Prime Minister


Università Bocconi


Talents Venture



desk bip

University Box








Stem in the City


Valore D


Young Women Network


Fintech District


Most Powerful Women


Plug and Play


Unstoppable Women


Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano


HarperCollins Italia


Ortygia Business School


Smart Future Academy


Scuola di Politiche


Women At Business




illimitHER ecosystem

Poliferie is an Italy-based NGO that aims to foster social mobility in the country. Founded in 2017, Poliferie aims to contrast barriers that prevent participation and access to the higher education sector and market inclusion for all. Poliferie provides interactive sessions, mentorship, and community challenge aimed at equipping students with the skills relevant to the future of work. Up to date, Poliferie operates across 24 cities in Italy.

Hacking Talents was created to provide people who want to reposition themselves in the workplace with access to the best tools to do it. A platform founded by three women who decided to put together their strengths, skills and experiences, to give life to a new way of experiencing work: inclusive, digital and cross-generational. Each service offered is designed to empower the user so that they can become aware of their own talents and the context in which they live.

Torcha is a social media information publishing project. Our goal is to inform Millennials and GenZ about current events and issues that are important to them, using their language and the media on which they spend their days.

Prime Minister is a school of politics for young women between the ages of 14 and 19. The school aims to train young girls on political and social issues through meetings and workshops with personalities from politics, civic activism and civil society. Prime Minister focuses on young leaders to become agents of change in their communities, cities and nations.

Università Bocconi is one of Europe's leading universities specialized in the Social Sciences, with outstanding educational and research offerings in the areas of Economics, Management, Law, Political Science, Data Science and Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence.

Startup that promotes guidance services and development of solutions to support university education, such as financial products for students, counseling, and white-papers for raising awareness on the importance of education.

Thanks to its inclination to technological innovation and to the management of complex projects, BIP deals with Consulting Innovation, Design, Interaction, CyberSecurity, Customer Platforms and Transformation 4.0 for large clients. As a People Company it is directly involved in high social impact initiatives, considered a powerful lever of employee strategy.

19 years of experience, over a thousand projects, 300 thousand students enrolled and 2,000 ambassadors on the Student Platform most loved by university students.

GirlsRestart is the free, digital space for discussion and exchange dedicated to women who believe in the power of connection.

Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Improvement, LEI is a project of the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice created for young women. A commitment and a promise to accompany them through awareness and determination towards their working future.

SheTech is an association that brings women closer to technology, the digital world and entrepreneurship to help them develop their own businesses, get on a career path or improve their skills.

to break down the cultural barriers that stop girls away from studying STEM subjects. COVID-19 has caused it to develop into an open digital project, rich in content designed to spur young girls and boys to improve their digital skills.

Value D is the first business association in Italy that for more than ten years has been committed to gender balance and an inclusive culture in organizations and in our country.

Young Women Network is a non-profit association that empowers women through a culture of cooperation. It has over 35 volunteers, and about 450 associates and professionals aged over 25 from different industries.

Fintech District is the reference community for the fintech ecosystem in Italy that unites different actors with a common denominator: high technological innovation and the desire to develop and affirm new paradigms.

The Most Powerful Women community animates, in the world, cultural debates not only on the value of gender diversity in the corporate sphere but, as a whole, on the fundamental role of women in contemporary society from 1998.

Plug and Play is the world’s largest innovation ecosystem, connecting and accelerating 1500 world-class startups with major corporations, and investors. Plug and Play Italy opened in April 2019.

A section that tells stories and paths bringing to female leadership

Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano is an open park in the heart of Milan, an inclusive place to live experiences in contact with nature, thanks to a free cultural program inspired by the 17 UN sustainable development goals 2030 culturale gratuito ispirato ai 17 obiettivi di sviluppo sostenibile Onu 2030

HarperCollins Italia is a publishing house which belongs to HarperCollins Publishers, the second largest consumer book publisher in the world, with operations in 17 countries, 200 years of history and more than 120 branded imprints around the world.

Ortygia Business School deals with human capital enhancement of the South and it is committed to promote the sustainable, inclusive and economic development of the area.

Smart Future Academy is an innovative project for high-school pupils to help them understand what they want to do when they grow up by bringing them into contact with leading people from the worlds of business, culture, science and art.

Scuola di Politiche is a training pathway for young people with plenty of potential so they can improve their ability to react to change and become standard bearers of change in their professional lives and in society. The educational bases of this programme are a multidisciplinary approach, an international vision and a focus on behavioural skills.

Women At Business is the first professional matching platform between women and companies based on a skills matching algorithm.

Develhope is the coding school with the goal of fighting youth unemployment in Southern Italy and beyond. It writes in code to program a better future.

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