illimitHER South Marathon - Ortigia - 17 September 2021 - 5:30 P.M.

illimitHER South Marathon – Stories beginning from the South

illimitHER South Marathon

illimitHER arrives in the South! The island of Ortigia is tinged with purple and blue to host an astrophysicist, a cultural project manager and an entrepreneur. The goal? To inspire new generations to dream big by following their passions.

Chiara Spiniello, Giusy Sica and Roberta Pellegrino are the speakers of the illimitHER South Marathon. Through their testimonies they will talk about the importance of human capital and how the connection with the South has pushed them to look beyond, putting themselves in the game to unlock their potential and that of their homeland that has always accompanied them in various achievements around the world.

Before the event, a Design Thinking workshop will be held live in Ortigia to help young women discover their potential and enhance it in the world of work.

The illimitHER South Marathon is organized in partnership with BIP and Ortygia Business School and with the patronage of the Municipality of Syracuse.

17 September 2021 — 5:30 P.M.

The Speakers

Chiara Spiniello
Extra-galactic astrophysicist with a passion for the three-point shooting
Chiara Spiniello, native of Naples, has two great passions: space and basketball. Astrophysicist at the University of Oxford and researcher at the Observatory of Naples, she carries out research on massive galaxies, the oldest in the universe. She won the Marie Curie Astrofit2 Fellowship at INAF and a Hintze Fellowship at the Centre for Astrophysical Surveys at Oxford University. She has 50 publications and more than 1500 citations. Basketball, both as a player and as a coach, has been a constant in her life to make new friends in all the cities where she has been for the research work.
Giusy Sica
Animated cultural project manager by the regeneration of ideas
Giusy Sica is the founder of ReGeneration Youth, a think tank in Salerno formed by young women with a passion for Europe, social and cultural regeneration, digital transformation and female empowerment. Her superpower is curiosity, she defines herself as a hybrid figure straddling different realities, able to go beyond and take advantage of all the opportunities that life puts in front of her.
Roberta Pellegrino
Wandering entrepreneur and philosophy lover
Roberta Pellegrino is Co-Founder of Ludwig, the search engine that helps resolve doubts in English. Passionate about philosophy and a doctorate in economics, she travelled the world in search of experiences. After living in and visiting many countries she returned home, to Palermo, where with her lifelong friends created Ludwig, a startup that began in Sicily with few resources and that today, with millions of active users every month, competes with the giants of Silicon Valley.

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When I was five, I told my aunt that when I grew up, I wanted to count all the stars in the sky. At twelve I wanted to be a professional basketball player, at sixteen a musician. One quality has stayed with me through the years: curiosity about the new and unexplored.

Chiara Spiniello


Have the courage to speak up and accept your weaknesses, and most of all have the courage to turn the tide, to change paths that have already been blazed by others for you.

Giusy Sica

Cultural project manager

When starting a business the lack of initial resources should not be seen as a limit, but as an aspect to be filled with motivation and creativity thereby finding the way to compete, digital will do the rest creating an agile and scalable business.

Roberta Pellegrino


Other events

A dive into the world of chemistry
Research is the engine of scientific progress. Innovation has accelerated this progress and the development of new technologies can contribute to an increasingly sustainable future. Beatrice Adelizzi, synchronist and researcher, studies new methods to synthesize DNA in a fast, efficient and sustainable way every day.
A dive into the world of chemistry
Research is the engine of scientific progress. Innovation has accelerated this progress and the development of new technologies can contribute to an increasingly sustainable future. Beatrice Adelizzi, synchronist and researcher, studies new methods to synthesize DNA in a fast, efficient and sustainable way every day.
30 JUNE 2022 – 6:00 P.M. – LIVE STREAMING
Street Art and social impact: the art to transform spaces into valuable places
Virginia Verona, a street artist and tattooist from Cesena, is the artist whose unique style created the mural at Albergo Etico Cesenatico, the first project of fondazione illimity, representing diversity in all of its forms and creating an indelible legacy of lines and colors.
25 MARCH 2022 – 6:00 P.M. – LIVE STREAMING
Biotechnology and Inclusivity. Gender Bias in Science
Pharmacology is a discipline strongly linked to the clinical needs of patients; however, most drugs are tested only on white, middle-aged and male individuals. Cinzia Silvestri, with her background as an electrical engineer, tries to make medical testing more inclusive by going beyond barriers and gender stereotypes.
25 MARCH 2022 – 5:30 P.M. – LIVE STREAMING
Mars Mission: nothing is impossibile
Teresa Fornaro, astrobiologist and researcher of the National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF), is the only Italian chosen by NASA to participate in the analysis of data from Perseverance - the rover of the Mars 2020 mission - which has a clear goal: understand if there could have been life on the Red Planet.
Digitoria: l’arte del digitale applicata all’editoria
Virginia Stagni, Head of Business Development at the Financial Times, is changing the media industry by building a sustainable, data-informed business model that leverages digital and innovation.
13 DECEMBER 2021 - 12:50 A.M. – StartupItalia Open Summit 2021
Robotics what a passion!
Valeria Cagnina, Co-founder and Mentor of OFpassiON, uses robotics as a means of inspiration for helping people to discover, cultivate, and pursue their passions.
16 November - 6:00 P.M. – LIVE STREAMING
Innovation & creativity: how to design a banking startup from scratch
From Belgrade to Bogotá, passing through the FinTech capital of Italy, Andrea Gojakovic and Carolina Rey Bedon tell us how to build a new paradigm banking startup based on creativity and innovation. Data, technology, the sharing of ideas for a new way of thinking and designing cutting-edge banking services.
Space jobs: an astrophysicist on air
Edwige Pezzulli is an astrophysicist who, despite the opportunity to continue doing research abroad, has chosen to stay in Italy to dedicate herself to science communication. She is part of the team "archaeologists of the stars" that has attracted the attention of NASA and has published a children’s book on the Universe.
A Digital User Experience Guide
Julie Blitzer is Manager Product Design at Bain & Company Italy. Combining her knowledge of Design and User Experience with an interdisciplinary background in politics, economics and mathematics, she helps companies to understand their audiences
18 MARCH 2021 - 7:00 P.M. - LIVE STREAMING
The proper recipe to start your business
Giada Zhang, CEO of Mulan Group, is an entrepreneur of the food and beverage industry and the inspiring protagonist of the illimitHER taking place during the Milano Digital Week
Story of a young gaming entrepreneur
Arianna Ortelli, CEO & Co-Founder of NOVIS GAMES is a young entrepreneur promoting a sustainable gaming industry. With her startup, invented the first gaming console for visually impaired and blind people.
Using blockchain to go beyond inequalities
illimitHER’s appointment with Mir Liponi, with a degree in musicology and an expert in the Blockchain
November 17 - 6:30 p.m. - LIVE STREAMING
At startup school
How did startups get into our lives? How are the skills needed for the new world of work changing? With Lisa di Sevo, President of Shetech and Partner of Prana Venture we will learn how to build a startup, starting from a good idea, and above all how to be startupper always, even within the companies for which we have long dreamed of working.
October 13 — 6:00 P.M. — live streaming
Ragazze senza Rossetto
Giulia Cuter and Giulia Perona designed and led Senzarossetto, one of Italy's most-watched feminist podcasts. "Girls Are Fine" (HarperCollins) is their first book, in which they address what it means to be a young woman in 2020, through key themes including consent, sex, work, marriage and children.
September 29 — 6:00 P.M — live streaming
What does working in sustainability mean
Martina Rogato speaks about sustainability and innovation in companies. With other under 30s, she founded the non-profit Young Women Network, of which she is the current chairperson. An Amnesty activist in the past and the current youngest Women20 (G20) delegate, she fights to invest in the future and to change the corporate world from within.
July 21 — 5:00 P.M. — live streaming
STEM women: Making the leap from research to startupping
Diva Tommei is a young biotechnologist and researcher who struck that ideal balance of skill, courage and determination to break into the entrepreneurial world and launch her own startup. Today, she is a director at Eit Digital, an innovation factory that deals with startups that could have a major technological impact. We'll explore the nodes connecting STEM education, the world of research and her experience as an innovative startupper convinced that dreaming big the key for achieving great things.
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