illimity's youth empowerment initiative, designed to help young people ride the wave of their potential towards a successful future.

Value Proposition

Development & Growth

We want to inspire young people to develop and enhance their skills and talents, helping them to believe in their passions and entrepreneurial dreams.

Social impact

We want to invest in the potential of young people to make them more active, inclusive and responsible citizens, generating a positive impact within society.

Investing in the future

We want to cultivate a generation of leaders and trained professionals because young people represent the future.

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Next Workers Generation: preparing for future challenges

What is about

Work is undergoing profound changes, and this transformation is evident to everyone. Young people, in particular, are facing numerous challenges, including a job market that requires increasingly updated skills. The transition from education to employment needs to be more fluid and focus specifically on the skills that will be fundamental in the future.

But what are the essential skills in the future labour market? Digital, adaptability, and soft skills such as emotion management are just a few. Moreover, access to quality information can significantly influence career choices and professional orientation for young people, providing them with the necessary tools to navigate an constantly evolving labour market.

Social networks, in this context, play a crucial role. When used correctly, they can help create a generation of informed and aware young people, ready to face the challenges of the future.

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11th JULY

5.00 pm


Livia Viganò

Co-founder & COO of Factanza Media

Francesca Passudetti

Co-chair of the New Skills, Entrepreneurship & Future of Work working group at Y7 2024

illimity supports the Y7 Italy 2024 project

What is about

The Youth 7 (Y7) is the official G7 Summit engagement group dedicated to young people aged between 20 and 30.

It is the only official G7 process through which young people can elaborate and bring proposals to the Heads of State and Government. .

The Young Ambassadors Society is one of the founders of the Youth 7 and Youth 20 engagement groups, and for years has been actively collaborating with the Sherpa Office of the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and other ministries, international organisations and companies to develop youth empowerment projects. Already Chair of Y7 2017 and Y20 2021, YAS is Chair of Youth7 2024. .

The work of the Y7 is developed over several months during the year and culminates in the Y7 Summit where a final statement containing the proposals of the young delegations is drafted and forwarded to the Heads of State and Government.

The purpose

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Bringing the voice of youth into institutional policy-making processes

Bringing the voice of youth into institutional policy-making processes by giving young people the opportunity to engage with leaders from government, international organisations and the corporate world.

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Train the leaders of the future

Train the leaders of the future, through free training courses on SDG's (including environmental sustainability, innovation, and inclusion) and soft skills (including negotiation techniques, intercultural communication, soft skills).

Thematic areas

Environmental sustainability and energy transition

Digital transformation and innovation

New skills, entrepreneurship and future of the work

Inclusion and equal opportunities

Past Events

Digital Generations: leading change in the innovation era

14th may 2024

How can we engage young people and make them feel an integral part of collective decisions?

Generation Future: young people at the center of change

12th december 2023

An open dialogue to explore concrete strategies to involve young people, by making them feel an integral part of society.