Our Foundations for success

illimity is a new paradigm bank designed specifically for the ever growing, highly attractive Italian SME market; credit skills and technology innovation are the two main enablers of our strategy.
In just over 2 years we have laid solid foundations which now form part of a structured business that is ramping up.
Our 2021-25 Strategic Plan makes our investment case even stronger and underlines the important growth ahead of us.



We focus on only a few, large, attractive and underserved segments of the Italian SME market where we hold a significant market position through sustainable competitive advantages: SME Performing loans, SME Unlikely-To-Pay and corporate NPL.



Our people are our principal force. illimity enjoys a passionate and cohesive management team and proven ability to attract talent from over 200 different organizations of which 70% are from non-banking sectors.



We believe technology is the main driver of change and one of the main differentiating factors to compete, so we created a unique IT architecture that is fully digital, fully modular and fully in-cloud.



We are ESG native and we act with responsibility. ESG principles are natively integrated in our business model and in all our activities. Find Out More



We are already profitable with 8% ROE for the first quarter 2021 expected at 10% for the year 2021, increasing significantly to 15% by 2023 and 20% by 2025.

Our four pillars

Growth Credit
Distressed Credit
Direct Banking
illimity SGR
Key Highlights
  • We will originate new loans and investments to Italian SME of €11bn in 2021-25, balanced between Growth Credit, Distressed Credit and Direct Banking Division.
  • All Divisions will make a significant contribution to the achievement of the Plan’s targets.
  • Several initiatives are strengthening our strategic portfolio of activities: we will further develop the recently launched initiatives and startup new exciting projects.
  • The first direct bank at the service of small corporates is born: B-ILTY plans to serve 30 thousand customers in 2025 and generate a cumulated new loans origination of approximately €3.7bn.
  • The role of technology is further embedded and capitalised on through the strategic alliance with the ION Group: a licence agreement for the use of information systems developed by illimity, which will generate cumulated revenue of €90mln for the Bank by 2025 and an all-embracing collaboration with ION’s ecosystem.
  • Strong ESG responsibility: commitment to go beyond the important goals we have already achieved, by including objectives in management’s medium-long term incentive scheme.

Investing in illimity

A high technological bank focused on Italian SMEs and digital financial services with a distinctive business model

A unique player on large growing markets


A unique player on large growing markets

- Focus on most attractive segments of Italian SMEs market
- Unique market positioning through sustainable competitive advantages

Sustainable double-digit profitability


Sustainable double-digit profitability

- Strong revenue growth with a unique and balanced mix of income sources
- Visible operating leverage gains across all our Divisions
- Unique IT architecture generating profit via IP license

Strong balance sheet


Strong balance sheet

- One of the highest CET1 ratios in the banking industry
- Strong liquidity ratios and effective ALM
- Resilient portfolio quality backed by very selective underwriting, high proportion of loans with public guarantees or credit insurance

Attractive Shareholders' return


Attractive Shareholders' return

- Above-industry ROE target, with contained risk profile
- Strong internal capital generation to support business growth
- Flexible dividend policy with dividend pay-out ranging between 20-30%

ESG native


ESG native

- Sustainability embedded in every aspect of activity
- ESG-based metrics integrated in underwriting practice
- ESG values integrated into long-term incentive scheme

Targeting above-industry profitability by consolidating our presence in large and growing markets with a unique and sustainable business model