A day to remember: launching illimitybank.com

September 13, 2019

Corrado Passera's editorial

CEO illimity

Yesterday was a special day for 300 illimiters and many others. We went public with illimitybank.com, the third fundamental part of the illimity Group. It is a direct bank that, along with the Corporate Division and the Distressed Credit & Servicing Division, is the final part of a project that was only conceived a year ago, but is already fully operational.
illimity is the banking startup designed by bringing together the best banking experiences, technologies and innovation in the Italian ecosystem. It is a new paradigm bank, freed of any past legacy, completely digital and powered by the expertise of the many illimiters who happily work at the company every day. These are brave and responsible people who are ready to face change. Why did we create a new direct bank?
illimitybank.com is a bank that goes beyond by thinking, speaking and acting like you. It is proud to be a complete bank that can meet all the needs of families and a bank that will continue adding new services to its platform.
It is a useful bank designed for small everyday actions that helps people to save and manage their money, to plan a trip or to remember to pay their car tax at the right time. And this is all done very naturally and directly. Direct means everything can be done from a smartphone, tablet or PC - even opening the account, which can be done online from any device in just a few minutes. And all at very beneficial terms.
illimitybank.com is a completely new bank, with a new paradigm that convinced many international investors to make SPAXS one of the largest SPACs ever created in Europe.
Ultimately, there are three ways to react to change: pretend it doesn't exist, try to reduce its impact or - for the bravest - ride the wave of change to create new opportunities for growth and development.
illimiters are part of the final group. We don't believe we're the best in everything, but we have been able to specialise in the things we are the best in, exploiting the potential of the most innovative technologies.
illimitybank.com is a technological bank, but with a powerfully human touch. Our paradigm focuses precisely on people and skills. illimiters come from 110 different companies, 10 industries and 10 countries. They were handpicked because of their professional abilities, as well as their personal qualities.
Yesterday was not merely about celebrating a "mission accomplished", but also about accepting three major commitments:
Maintain the startup spirit that we have today and that attracted so much talent. Make our shareholders, who believed in us, happy.
Be useful to our country by doing our job as a bank well and making the most of the plentiful unexpressed potential in people, families and companies. We are ready to look beyond!