The start-up accelerator for PropTech and Sustainable Real Estate

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illimity supports the CDP Venture Capital project "HabiSmart": the unique accelerator for the growth of start-ups that develop innovative solutions or services for the real estate sector.

Advantages for the selected start-ups

Initial investments in the pre-seed and seed phase of 115 thousand euros

Comparison with market experts

Opportunity of validating the start-up in a real context

Mentorship and tutoring

The program

HabiSmart is the acceleration program for the most innovative start-ups in the field of PropTech and Smart Buildings, to support the growth of young companies specialized in high-potential markets.

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It includes 3 annual acceleration cycles, with a total endowment of 5.75 million euros and more than 1.150 hours of mentorship and tutoring per year.

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It inaugurates the headquarters in the Porta Nuova technological district, whose technological platform consists of an infrastructure of sensors and IOT devices capable of acquiring real time information.

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It sees, in its first edition, more than 90 applications, 38% of which are foreign start-ups with an interest in establishing an operational headquarter in Italy. The 9 selected start-ups will undertake a growth path of 4 months and will receive a pre-seed investment of 115 thousand euros.

The objective

The accelerator aims to support the development of start-ups that operate in the field of innovative services for the real estate sector with a particular focus on the development of sustainability-related technologies, as well as financial services for real estate, digital platforms to amplify the activation of urban neighbourhoods, the management of real estate sales and services, management of domestic consumption network through artificial intelligence and big data, energy efficiency solutions, local energy systems, smart districts and energy community management.

The acceleration program lasts 4 months and sees the constant support at all stages by the accelerator’s partners, in a process that will help them to identify and consolidate their business models.

The selected start-ups in the pre-seed and seed phase will receive an initial investment of 115 thousand euros and the best projects will also have access to further investment from CDP Venture Capital, the promoters and its business partners.