The encounter of two entrepreneurial minds, in the heart of Milan, gave birth to the fruit and vegetable company that wants to revolutionise the sector.

In 2017, with Giuseppe Carciati, L'Orto di Jack was created. A company that supplies medium-high range restaurants and hotels with fresh products of the highest quality.

"We launched L'Orto di Jack by combining successful experiences in the restaurant world with a strong know-how of the core functions of fruit and vegetable purchasing. As restaurateurs, we have seen the inefficiencies of the current distribution model and saw a clear disruption opportunity in bringing digital transformation to an industry that is often stuck in the 1970s," states Giuseppe Carciati, Founder and Co-CEO of the company.

In just a few years, the company has grown, seen a continuous increase in demand, and has expanded its corporate team to include Andrea Cadegiani, Arturo Casale and Alessandro Della Nina, who have brought their experience from the worlds of finance, restaurants and technology, consolidating the important value of the business created by the young entrepreneurs.

Future challenges

The company's goal is to digitise the fruit and vegetable sector.

"We aim to become the first omnichannel player in Italy, we want to develop a network of street retail shops, strengthen and expand our B2C e-commerce site that delivers to private individuals, and expand our B2B wholesale delivery network to restaurateurs, the HoReCa sector," says Caterina Cadeo, Communication Manager of L'Orto di Jack.

An ambitious plan that will see the tracking of the supply chain, the digitalisation of the orders that restaurateurs will be able to place, and the creation of an algorithm that, through the study of the history and analysis of data, will anticipate and predict the variability of prices, which often tend to vary from day to day depending on the weather.

"This algorithm will give us the opportunity to study climate variability and the resulting price variations, thus giving our customers a prediction of how much they will spend on the order they place," explains Caterina.


A clear and defined objective, but above all a company with a strong potential. With L'Orto di Jack faced a project to be supported not only for the current plans, but also for the future ones.

"The partnership with illimity was crucial for us," says Caterina Cadeo, who explains the company's new perspectives. "illimity granted funding based not only in relation to the current state of the company but also based on future potential. This will allow us, by 2025, to open at least 80/100 shops and to reach a turnover of 80/100 million euros, which will include all our B2B and B2C retail, with an EBITDA of at least 10 million," she concludes.

Keys to success:
Young and growing company
Strong digital culture
Innovative distribution chain in the fruit & vegetable sector