Macha was born in 2016 in the heart of Milan, thanks to the idea of two entrepreneurs with over twenty years of experience in the world of restaurants and food retail, the co-founders Antonio Scognamiglio and Tunde Pecsvari.

Macha immediately attracts the attention of the market and consumers thanks to a new model capable of bringing foreign cuisine to Italy under the sign and in respect of healthy food, soon becoming a place where you can find innovative, trendy and internationally inspired products. First of all, the so known poké.

The quality of raw materials, of the products used and the attention paid to the issue of sustainability are just two of the aspects that have always been part of Macha's choices.

Sustainability has three souls: recyclable and compostable packaging for take-away and delivery to avoid plastic; the choice of ingredients and raw materials, favouring those of organic and controlled nature and, finally, the sustainability of relationships between customers and company.

Future challenges

Macha's aim is to look at and listen to the trends and changes around it in order to be able to adapt and keep constantly evolving. Despite this change-oriented nature, there are aspects that remain unchanged and that continue, over time, to characterize Macha's DNA.

"Restaurants are made up of many people who transform simple ideas into concrete actions" - says Tunde - "Macha's tomorrow will definitely be made up of healthy food, the 'food of the future'. A strategically important choice, also for those who want to invest in the restaurant industry, since it’s a segment that has an important future of growth and sustainable development. Consumers are also increasingly attentive to what they eat, ingredients, nutritional values, origin and, in general, everything related to the quality of food.

A strategically important choice, also for investors, because those who want to invest in the restaurant industry today prefer to do so in a segment that has an important future of growth and sustainable development.


A clear, defined future, full of projects that have experienced a strong slowdown due to the crisis brought by the pandemic. In this sense a fundamental help comes from illimity, not only as a funder, but as a real partner.

"For us, it was essential to choose a Bank that, in addition to supporting us, could share the same values and opinions. In illimity we found such a partner. There was a constructive dialogue and a very careful, smart and fast evaluation phase, which allowed us to immediately see and share the same approach to business. This has been fundamental because it is not always sufficient to conclude a financial transaction, but it is more important to build a forward-looking relationship". So, thanks to the support, ambitious goals are also back. Macha accelerates and sets itself a challenging goal: the opening of 50 stores throughout Italy by the end of 2022.

And it is thanks to all these different factors and nuances that we finally understand the power of a brand that has been able to look to the future and bring it into the present.

Because Macha is one of those realities capable of imagining its own future without setting limits for itself, a fluid and experimental reality in constant study of the world in which it lives and by which it is surrounded. A format, an idea, capable of taking care of the world around it with passion.

Keys to success:
A solution that responds to the short-medium term needs, optimizing methods and costs of financing
Financing lines that maximize the risk-return ratio
Specific expertise in the retail food sector, sharing of values and building of strong relationships