Letter to stakeholders

Rosalba Casiraghi

Chairperson in illimity

Corrado Passera

CEO in illimity

Dear illimity friends,

We are very proud to be publishing the illimity Group's first Voluntary Consolidated Non-Financial Statement.

For everyone at illimity, this document marks an important milestone in sharing, with all our stakeholders, the responsibility that guides us as we support entrepreneurs and companies in their growth and turnaround plans in order to return value to the loans of companies going through troubled times and to offer innovative banking services that simplify life for people and companies.

Even through the uncertain times brought by the pandemic, illimity has proven itself to be robust and resilient, innovating ceaselessly through new strategic projects. The choice as to the use of technology and the organisational model have proven fruitful, allowing us to guarantee operational continuity throughout the year. In the company, the extended periods of working from home have not only highlighted the powerful team spirit, but also created an opportunity to really test the profound values that we share.

Our commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues has clearly been shown once again, both in how the bank is managed internally and in the dissemination of such elements, right into how loans are assessed.

For the second straight year, we have been recognised as a "Great Place to Work". The survey found that 85% of illimiters feel it is an excellent place to work. For us, this is a particularly important metric because of the emphasis we place on our staff. It is no coincidence that we have chosen to use the faces of employees to visually represent this Sustainability Report. Diversity and inclusion are cornerstones for managing a Group with over 600 illimiters from 20 countries, over 200 organisations and 17 different industries.

Diversity, expertise and transparency are core values that find concrete expression in the governance of illimity, where the Board of Directors has adopted the new Corporate Governance Code.

In terms of the environment, the very structure of illimity, with 100% digital infrastructure that is completely cloud-based, is designed to minimise the environmental impact. We have begun measuring and accounting for our energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation. We are committed to neutralising our emissions and becoming carbon neutral through tangible measures.

We are truly committed to producing robust profits for our shareholders, but at the same time we want to benefit society by playing our part in getting Italy back on a path of sustained and sustainable growth.

In 2021, Italy has a chance - a chance it must take - to start using its healthcare, economic and social potential. At illimity, we plan to play our part.

Rosalba Casiraghi
Chairperson of illimity

Corrado Passera
CEO illimity