We are an innovative bank that focuses on people. We have a comprehensive product range that is customised specifically for customers.

Recognitions and Awards


Milano Finanza Global Awards - Migliore Startup Bancaria dell’anno

This reward is the result of a deep analysis process and particular choice of banking products and innovation in order to bring innovation and continuous improvement.


Customer Insight & Growth Banking Innovation Awards dell’EFMA - Miglior banca nella categoria Neobanks and Specialized Players

illimity took top spot in the global rankings for the Customer Insight & Growth Banking Innovation Awards.


SosTariffe.it Miglior conto corrente online gennaio 2020

illimity zero cost bank account has been chosen as January 2020 best online bank account by SosTariffe.it, as it offers the perfect match between price and quality.

Who we are talking to

To individuals, families and businesses looking for a partner for managing their finances and carrying out their projects.

Our Offering

A range of innovative banking products and services, from direct banking for individuals to that for businesses, to the most advanced fintech systems.

illimity Bank

The direct digital bank for individuals and families that offers a complete and innovative range of banking products and services.


Thanks to the Joint Venture between illimity and Fabrick, all of illimity's Open Banking solutions have merged into HYPE.

HYPE is the account that offers innovative features and technologies alongside traditional banking services. A digital solution for simple and efficient daily money management.

The illimity Bank offer

Current account
Payment systems
Deposit accounts
Spending advisor

Current account

A clear and instantly usable interface, accessible from any device, as well as search tools to simplify access to information and innovative analysis tools for managing the family budget.

Payment systems

Debit, credit and prepaid cards for all spending needs and access to the most innovative smartphone payment tools.

Deposit accounts

Ability to choose the type and duration of the restriction to be activated to invest your savings protecting them from the volatility of the financial markets.

Spending advisor

An automated and intuitive tool to review your purchases, learn more about your expenses and find out how to spend better.

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