illimity specialises in Corporate Distressed Credit
the first and only Italian player to provide purchasing, financing and servicing.

Andrea Clamer, Head of Distressed Credit Division, talks about illimity’s offering for the non-performing loan market.

Who we are talking to

The Distressed Credit market is huge: a reality focused on the purchase of non-performing loans, on the financing of funds that include bad debts and, through its own assistance company neprix, in the management of NPL also on behalf of third parties.

Our offering

illimity operates in the corporate, secured or unsecured, non-performing loans market by acquiring portfolios or funding the acquisition thereof by other investors, or directly managing the loans through its Servicing Unit by means of adding value to the assets or guarantees underlying the defaulted loans.


Acquisition of non-performing loans, portfolios and single names from the corporate secured and unsecured segment.


Financing to selected players, who in turn are engaged in the acquisition of non-performing loans.


A highly scalable internal platform with distinctive features in terms of talent, resources and technology.

  • Total net customer loans and investments



  • Senior Financing



  • Distressed credit investments



  • Servicing



    of assets managed among real estate assets, capital goods and credits

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