The first and only player in Italy to build the value chain into credit management: investment, financing, servicing and sale of real estate and operating assets.

Andrea Clamer, Head of Distressed Credit Division, talks about illimity’s offering for the non-performing loan market.

What we offer

We specialise in the purchase of secured or unsecured corporate distressed credit and in the asset-based funding of professional investors. Through our servicing company ARECneprix we manage NPEs (Non-Performing Exposures) and through Quimmo we deal with the value enhancement and sale of real estate assets.


Investments in corporate non-performing loans classified as bad or UTP (Unlikely To Pay) loans carried out through the purchase of loan portfolios sold by banks (primary market) or by other investors (secondary market) and through the purchase of “Special Situations”, meaning significant loan exposures to a single debtor. In this sphere, illimity has adopted a highly-specialised model giving emphasis to the underlying: in particular, it has developed distinctive expertise in the fields of real estate, renewable energy and public procurement claims.

Senior financing and professional investors

Financing for Italian and international investors in the asset-based distressed credit and real estate sector which, in practice, means in general multi-tranche securitisations in which the lender underwrites the more senior classes.


Value enhancement and management of secured and unsecured corporate distressed credit through ARECneprix, the illimity Group’s servicer. A tailored service for Italian and international players investing in corporate distressed credit, supporting them in the purchase and management processes, and for banks seeking a partner specialising in corporate management.

Evolved intermediation and sale

Value enhancement and sale of real estate and operating assets arriving from both the open market and the judicial world through abilio, the newly-formed group company that manages a network of online portals including Quimmo, the portal for the sale and purchase of real estate with a complete and customised assistance service.


€1.5 bn

Total net customer loans and investments

€ 429 mln

Senior Financing

€1.1 bn

Distressed credit investments

€13 bn

Servicing and Remarketing

of assets managed including Real Estate, Capital Assets and Credits

€2.2 bn

Managed Capital and Real Estate Assets

Figures refer to 2Q23 Find out more

The division in a nutshell

In illimity we work with distressed credits but we don't just buy them, our goal is to regenerate them to create value for the benefit of society and the territory. Discover the model that characterizes our division.


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