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illimitybank.com is inaugurating a new cooperation model that is redefining the frontiers of banking. This new model is inclusive, with synergistic services tailored to people’s real lifestyle needs.

With illimity hubs it is possible to integrate the functionality of the Fitbit and MiMoto apps into the illimitybank.com platform and then, say, convert your steps into spending plans or book a scooter to get around the city.

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Digital hubs: Cross Industry Integration​

This innovative model will be unveiled on 19 June at 2 pm on StartupItalia, with various speakers who are digital and innovation experts.

Giovanni Bergamaschi, Regional Director Southern Europe of Fitbit 
Fjona Cakalli, Founder TechPrincess
Gianluca Iorio, Founder & CEO MiMoto 
Carlo Panella, Head of Direct Banking and Chief Digital Operations Officer for the illimity Group
Paolo Rohr, Digital Director of Sorgenia

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From many apps for your daily routine to a single app to enjoy them together.

A single platform, using a true open banking approach, integrates different services to promote new and more informed saving routines. The use of advanced data analysis and artificial intelligence create customised recommendations drawn from the integration between a customer's financial activities and his or her daily habits and preferences.

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mi moto color@3x mi moto white@3x
Hub illimity MiMoto
To get customised advice about financial transactions and urban movements.
fitbit white@3x fitbit white@3x
Hub illimity Fitbit
To link physical well-being and financial wellness goals.


From many apps for a single bank to a single app for many banks. illimity launches Payment Initiation Service, the next frontier for illimity connect

For the first time in Italy, the Payment Initiation Service from illimitybank.com makes it possible to make payments using different current accounts on a single platform.

illimitybank customers can use a simple log-in to access all their accounts without having to hop from one app to the next.

This not only provides a comprehensive overview of your financial situation in one place, but also allows you to use any account to make standard, instant, recurring and international transfers.

This new feature is available for customers who have activated or who activate illimity connect, the illimitybank.com account aggregator.

illimity connect​

To connect all your accounts at other banks to illimity bank and see them directly in the illimity bank app.

Payment Initiation Service​

To make transfers directly from aggregated bank accounts in your illimity personal area.