A digital bank with a complete offering for individuals and families to manage their day-to-day life and future projects.

Who we are talking to

To individuals, families and businesses looking for a partner for managing their finances and carrying out their projects.

Our Offering

illimity offers individuals and families a complete range of direct banking services designed for those seeking, in addition to completeness, a partner for the daily management of money.

Current account

A clear and instantly usable interface, accessible from any device, as well as search tools to simplify access to information and innovative analysis tools for managing the family budget.

Payment systems

Debit, credit and prepaid cards for all spending needs and access to the most innovative smartphone payment tools.

Deposit accounts

Ability to choose the type and duration of the restriction to be activated to invest your savings protecting them from the volatility of the financial markets.

Spending advisor

An automated and intuitive tool to review your purchases, learn more about your expenses and find out how to spend better.

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