illimity for individuals and families

illimity will be launching its retail offering over the next few months. This digital and multi-channel bank for private individuals and families will provide banking services (from current accounts to advanced payment systems), implement new ways to interact and personalise experiences, and offer advanced tools for managing family budgets through all current accounts held. Our holistic approach will be based on transparency and user friendliness.

The retail offering

Carlo Panella describes illimity’s offer for individuals and families.

“Our goal is to support people in their efforts to save and help them in their daily lives"


In 2019, illimity will roll out a full range of direct banking services, targeted to private individuals and families. This includes:

Current accounts

The easy-to-understand, instantly usable interface uses a new AI-based approach to improve user experience on each device and make it easier to search and organise information. It provides analytical tools for managing family budgets that were previously only available to small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Debit and credit cards and advanced payment systems

A range of tools, always in step with the latest innovations in mobile payment systems for safe management of money transfers in any situation.

Deposit account

Clear and customisable products, zero commission, to invest your savings protecting them from market volatility.

Deposit account with favourable terms and conditions

An intuitive and dynamic support that will be adapting the offer based on suggestions made to improve the daily expenses and to help reaching the goals, regardless how simple or important they might be.

Loans, mortgages and insurance

Commission-free transparent and customisable products, so you can invest your savings without worrying about market volatility.


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