Our approach to sustainability.
The start of a long journey.

We are a sustainable native company

Since the day we were created, we have natively followed a pathway of integrating sustainability into the Group's strategies, processes and governance.

This first Sustainability Profile details the first year of business, starting with our identity and values before moving on to responsibility and the facts of our commitment to being a new paradigm bank with a highly technological and innovative business model.

Letter to stakeholder

Dear friends of illimity, we present this first Sustainability Profile at a difficult time as we find ourselves in the midst of a health, economic and social emergency.

Since the birth of illimity we have understood sustainability as responsibility towards the entire community of which we feel a part, and especially towards businesses, families and individuals, whom we would also like to accompany in this period of significant uncertainty.

During what have been extremely complicated weeks we have sought to capitalise fully on the new paradigm around which we have built illimity. The technologies we have adopted and our organisational model have enabled us to remain fully operational by adopting smart-working as the standard from the beginning of the emergency, ensuring maximum security levels for our workers and providing levels of service appropriate for our customers and partners. Our strategic and financial decisions have proven to be correct…

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Net Promoter Score

Indicator of customer loyalty and the word-of-mouth capacity of retail customers


Average training hours
per employee

In line with the industry average
right from the first year


CEO to Worker Compensation

The average for CEO pay ratio
in this industry is 37.43


Excellent work environment
for illimiters

Based on the assessment by Great Place to


Collaborative Agreement

Distressed credit, out-of-court agreements
as percentage of total

Data updated at 31.12.2019

In the first year of business

Sustainability integrated into the business

We have begun mapping the Group’s policies, rules and procedures to see where sustainability needs to be integrated into illimity’s processes and activities to form the basis for responsible growth across all our business lines.

Governance of sustainability

In the first year, we created a Board Sustainability Committee that submits proposals to the Board and advises it about ways to promote a sustainable, responsible culture in the Group and define the medium and long-term sustainability goals.

Listening to stakeholders

We have engaged in constant dialogue with our stakeholders to be able to respond efficiently to their requests and encourage ongoing exchange on the path to achieving shared goals. In the first year of stakeholder materiality over 700 internal and external stakeholders were involved.

Our projects

illimitHER has been launched, an illimity diversity & inclusion programme to unleash the potential of young women.