How to present a claim

The possible ways to file a complaint are:

send an e-mail message to, or send a certified e-mail message to:

send a registered letter with R/R at via Soperga, 9 − 20124 Milano (MI)

personally hand over a compaint letter at the counter of the headquarters at via Emilia Est, 107 − 41121 Modena (MO)

Response time

The Bank must respond in 30 days to complaints related to banking and financial transactions and servicies and in 60 days to complaints concerning investment services. In relation to payment services, the Bank is required to provide an answer within the term of 15 working days. In case that the complaint is considered founded, the Bank must communicate it in a writing to the costumer specifying the technical times within which it undertakes to provide for the resolution of the reported problem. Otherwise, if the Bank considers the claim to be unfounded, it will have to explain the reasons for the failure to accept it.