illimity expands its services to support SMEs thanks to the Nomad qualification

April 29, 2021

Francesco Mele's editorial

Chief Financial Officer and Head of Central Function

On the 10th of March, illimity received from Borsa Italiana the Nomad (Nominated Adviser) qualification, becoming a reference partner for all those companies that, through the listing on the Italian Alternative Investment Market (AIM Italia), want to raise capital to consolidate their competitive position and accelerate the growth process.

I am very pleased with this result because it fits perfectly within the strategy od the bank, founded just two years ago with the aim of recognizing and enhancing the potential of Italian companies. illimity is in fact specialized in the SME segment and, through its SME division, already offers services aimed at supporting the development and transformation plans of the companies it assists.

The Nomad qualification allows illimity to expand the offer dedicated to businesses, through a specialized platform of Capital Markets. The latter consents the Bank to act as Nomad and Global Coordinator on the IPO and Arranger operations on the issuance of debt instruments, thus providing Equity and Debt Capital Markets services. The platform is managed by our Team of professionals, with the aim of creating value for companies not only in the admission phase but throughout their stay on the AIM market. We intend to support SMEs in their projects of growth, consolidation and innovation, adopting a tailor-made approach that allows us to offer customized solutions and therefore more effective.

We foresee great growth opportunities in this segment because, where there will be a full return of activity and the moratoriums will end, companies will need capital to be relaunched or to continue their development. I am confident about the prospect of this business, not only for the reference context, but also because we can count on some distinctive factors that make illimity an ideal partner: the high specialization and the excellent knowledge of the market and the industrial sectors. We can also leverage the expertise of the SME division, fully involved in this project and source of great opportunities, thanks to its network of relations with some of the most promising companies in Italy.

There is still a great unexpressed potential in many Italian SMEs and illimity intends to enhance it. The Nomad qualification allows us to go in this direction, supporting all those ambitious companies that intend to open up to new opportunities.