The Best Of

What is it about?

Quimmo is born, the Italian proptech created to meet the needs of both private and institutional sellers and buyers. A last generation platform created to simplify the purchase and sale of real estate and cover the entire value chain.

Everything needed for buying and selling real estate

Quimmo is a competitive new proptech model because it brings together, in one single place, everything that is needed to buy and sell a property. It will be possible to have the visibility of the large portals, the assistance of estate agents and digital buying and selling processes led by the data in one single platform.

From a perfectly integrated digital platform to professionals who accompany the process all stages

Quimmo takes the best in terms of technology, processes and products and combines these with a simple user experience characterized with top quality services and swift, transparent and digital procedures. A platform that combines the ability to perform many functions automatically with the assistance of specialist professionals, throughout Italy, centrally coordinated and led by a single digital mind.

Detailed information always on-hand

A proptech platform capable, thanks to its cutting-edge technology, of producing information and sharing it, as appropriate, with sellers and buyers to guide strategies and decisions.

Access to all types of sale

Quimmo multiplies the possibilities because it enables access to all properties regardless of the reference market, including those often considered too “complicated”, such as the judicial market. Each seller is able to deal with a single market, in which everything is available for sale and not only put in the window.

5 April 2022
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