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StartupItalia Open Summit Winter Edition

What is it about?

At the StartupItalia Open Summit - the most important Italian event dedicated to startups and innovation - illimity, through the illimity talk and illimitHER formats, showed how to look beyond the box to shape possible futures by unlocking one' s potential.

Let’s talk about “creative” machines
What if language and creativity were no longer the exclusive tools of humanity, but also of machines? Do we still need lawyers, physicians, financial advisers? Corrado Passera and Father Paolo Benanti - theologian, academic and one of the major experts on the frontiers of artificial intelligence - in this new illimity talk, without alarmism and with extreme realism, talked about: language, creativity, artificial intelligence and work ethics.

What can we learn from a robot? Is age just a number or is there a right time for everything? Valeria Cagnina, Co-founder and Mentor of OFpassiON, at illimitHER talked about how age is just a number and not a limit and how in life it is important to be guided by your passions: nothing is impossible, like building a robot at eleven years old or founding an innovative company as soon as you come of age.