illimity takes part in
the Milano Digital Week 2020

Milano Digital Week, an event promoted by the City of Milan focusing on the "Transformed City."

From Monday 25 May to Saturday 30 May 2020, people from Milan and elsewhere, institutions, companies, universities, research centres and millennials will have an opportunity to reflect, debate and discuss contemporary issues and future outlooks. The ongoing pandemic has accelerated the pervasive reach of the digital sphere into everyday life, changing how the whole planet is connected. Practically overnight, three fundamental pillars of life - work, education and relationships - ceased to exist as we used to know them. Digital was undoubtedly already a major part of life, especially in the productive fabric, but it suddenly became a godsend for day-to-day affairs.

Live streaming

25 – 30 May 2020

The topics

25 May 2020 – time 11:00
Let’s talk about: human vs. artificial intelligence
This discussion between Corrado Passera and Roberto Cingolani, innovation director at the hi-tech firm Leonardo, explores the prospects for an era in which digital tools and relations - automation, robotics, artificial intelligence - are changing our lives.
26 May 2020 – time 16:00
Webinar: The future of work given UX, algorithms, neuromarketing and openbanking
In this webinar, data scientists, digital strategists and designers who are all digital illimiters will begin by looking at the design thinking method, using this base to explore the importance of numbers, creativity and sharing ideas. This will lead into the concrete case study of creating a new paradigm bank and various best practices that could provide food for thought for everyday personal and professional life.
27 May 2020 – time 15:15
Webinar: Identikit of professions of the future, digital transformation and the human touch
In a world of digital transformation, rethinking places of work is becoming imperative. Marco Russomando, our Human Resources Director, explains the importance of a synergistic vision in which human and digital capabilities, creativity and technology can be used to ignite people's potential and create truly inclusive places of work.