26 may 2020 — live streaming

Let’s talk about
human vs artificial intelligence

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26 May 2020 – Live Streaming
Let’s talk about human vs ai
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On 26 May, Milano Digital Week hosts a cultural lab that combines social inclusion and sustainable innovation. 

Corrado Passera and Roberto Cingolani, innovation director at the high-tech firm Leonardo, will explore the prospects for an era in which digital tools and online relations are ever more influential.

How are automation, robotics and artificial intelligence changing our lives? Are such things merely incredibly powerful processing machines, or might they one day feel what we feel? What about us humans? Should we be scared? Are there ethical questions we need to ask or is it simply a case of resigning ourselves to the inevitability of such progress?

Two great leaders of our era look at what differentiates these new types of robots from humans, exploring a range of issues from the perception of emotions to ethical issues and even energy sources.

The goal is simply to ask searching questions about the present to imagine a potential future and understand if machines are a true ally or rationally a threat to humanity.

Live streaming

26 May 2020 from 11:00 A.M.

The Speakers

Roberto Cingolani
Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at Leonardo 
For fourteen years as the head of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Genoa, he was involved in researching and creating the first humanoids, as well as working on animaloids, plantoids and robot centaurs. He is now the head of innovation at the Leonardo high-tech group.
Corrado Passera
Founder & CEO illimity
Following a degree in business administration from Bocconi University, he has based his path on the challenge for innovation: from Olivetti to illimity, passing throught Poste Italiane, Intesa Sanpaolo and the Italian Government. Today is CEO of the new paradigm bank.


This period has shown that digital has transformed not only our way of working but also our way of thinking. In many cases things will never go back to how they were. Many jobs will disappear, particular those than can be replaced by robots or software. The remaining jobs will be ‘augmented’ through new technologies and many new jobs will be created. 

Corrado Passera

CEO illimity

Robots have a single powerful brain to handle billions of different bodies in the same way. They are not aggressive, they don't fall in love and, in the end, they are all the same. By contrast, human beings are tied to biochemical changes: we get hungry, we suffer from fear and envy and we fall in love. Our brains are limited in capacity, but we are also unique, creative, unreliable, irrational, resentful and brilliant. We are human. 

Roberto Cingolani

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at Leonardo

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