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A new format to look beyond patterns and shape possible futures. With inspiring personalities from different fields of innovation.

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Modern algorithms might need only a couple of hours to store years of history or establish statistics and correlations between topics and styles. They can also make something seemingly magical happen: we give them a title or an initial idea and they start writing.

Following an experiment conducted by “The Guardian” in which a Gpt3 computer replaced a journalist, it seems natural to ask whether we still need lawyers, physicians and financial advisers. Or will a machine suffice?

Father Paolo Benanti and Corrado Passera will discuss and explore the role of language, creativity, artificial intelligence and work ethics as part of the StartupItalia Open Summit 2021.

StartupItalia Open Summit 21
Live Streaming -
Aula Magna University of Bocconi, Via Roentgen 1

December 13th 2021
12 noon


Paolo Benanti

theologian and academic

Corrado Passera

CEO illimity

3 good reasons for following the illimity talks:


To better understand the world around us

Technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, training. We want to create a physical and digital meeting space to discuss the issues that are transforming our current way of living so that we are prepared for the future.


Inspiring personalities of different fields

From Italy to Silicon Valley, by way of Oxford. We will hear the courageous stories of scientists, businessmen and opinion leaders who are changing the world with their ideas


To give shape to our potential

There are times when we must seek inspiration and look inside ourselves to release our potential. The illimity talks are a window into what's in store for us in the future, on the sliding doors that help us to create ideas and interpret the junctions of life with courage so that we can make our projects possible.

Previous Talks

14 December 2020

Let’s talk about space

Two explorers discuss their pathways through life and how the world is today. Where does the desire to look beyond come from and how can one nourish it?

26 September 2020

Let’s talk about (climate) change

On 26 September, the fourth illimity talk at the Il Verde e il Blu Festival - three days of meetings and talk shows to foreground the best green, sustainable and digital solutions for the future of our planet.

26 May 2020

Let’s talk about human vs ai

The new illimity talk from 26 May inside the Milano Digital Week, the cultural lab that combines social inclusion and sustainable innovation. Corrado Passera and Roberto Cingolani will explore the relationship between technology, philosophy and people, looking outside of the box to shape our own potential.

16 December 2019

Let’s talk about onlife

On 16 December the second illimity talk as part of StartupItalia Open Summit, the largest event in Italy for startups and innovation. Luciano Floridi and Corrado Passera have accompanied people to make them discover the complex connection between new technologies and being human.

21 November 2019

Let’s talk about potential

On 21 November the first illimity talk as part of IAB Forum, the most important event in Italy dedicated to the digital sector. A debate between two serial innovators: illimity's CEO Corrado Passera and the physicist and inventor Federico Faggin. A step-by-step confrontation, not always in chronological order, between two men gifted in restarting. And raising the stakes, always.


There is something that we all have inside, that we need to develop it with curiosity and interdisciplinarity. It is called potential, because it can become a great power, allowing us to be free.

Corrado Passera

CEO illimity

Delegating our choices and having a machine make them requires one key thing, trust.

Paolo Benanti

theologian and academic

If we talk about startups, we can't not consider space. We have a great opportunity, to discover the lunar surface: what a better startup?

Roberto Vittori

Astronaut and general of the army

Entrepreneurship has been the way to develop myself and bring new ideas to the market

Federico Faggin

Physicist, inventor and entrepreneur

Innovation means asking yourself: what is the problem that is really close to my heart?

Luciano Floridi

Professor of Philosophy at Oxford

Robots have a single powerful brain to handle billions of different bodies in the same way. They are not aggressive, they don't fall in love and, in the end, they are all the same. By contrast, human beings are tied to biochemical changes: we get hungry, we suffer from fear and envy and we fall in love. Our brains are limited in capacity, but we are also unique, creative, unreliable, irrational, resentful and brilliant. We are human. 

Roberto Cingolani

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at Leonardo

We need a plan: the choices we make today determine how we will live in the future. To combat climate change, we must change ourselves

Laurence Tubiana

CEO European Climate Foundation (ECF), Founder Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI)