16 dicembre 2019 — bocconi

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A new format to look beyond patterns and shape possible futures. With gurus from different fields of innovation.

On 16 December the second illimity talk as part of StartupItalia! Open Summit, the largest event in Italy for startups and innovation.

A conversation between Luciano Floridi, Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information at Oxford University, and Corrado Passera, illimity CEO, focusing on the term "onlife" as the starting point for an exploration of the complex connection between new technologies and being human.

What will our future be like with our online and offline existence? How will we find our way through this hyperconnected world? What outlook is required to innovate today? What role will responsible capitalism play?

What Luciano Floridi and Corrado Passera have to say in our search for new models we can use to provide a simple interpretation of those complex processes – digital transformation, global infosphere and the fourth industrial revolution – we are living through.

The goal is to identify opportunities and risks that come with such enormous change and thus tackle the future in an informed paradigm, adopting a responsible approach to future generations, the working world and society in general.

Università Bocconi, Milano

Via Guglielmo Röntgen, 1
20136 Milano

16 December 2019

Aula Magna

The Speakers

Corrado Passera
CEO illimity
A talk between two innovators: Corrado Passera, CEO of illimity bank, and Luciano Floridi. A talk on stages, not always cronological, between two man always ready to start over.
Luciano Floridi
Professor of Philosophy at Oxford
Luciano Floridi is Professor of Pholosophy and Information Ethics at Oxford University, where he is also Director at the Digital Ethics Lab.

3 good reasons for following the illimity Talks:


To better understand the world around us

Technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, training. We want to create a physical and digital meeting space to discuss the issues that are transforming our current way of living so that we are prepared for the future.


Gurus of different fields

From Italy to Silicon Valley, by way of Oxford. We will hear the courageous stories of scientists, businessmen and opinion leaders who are changing the world with their ideas


To give shape to our potential

There are times when we must seek inspiration and look inside ourselves to release our potential. The illimity talks are a window into what's in store for us in the future, on the sliding doors that help us to create ideas and interpret the junctions of life with courage so that we can make our projects possible.

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