More than ever

"For the dreams of people, for the projects of businesses, for the relaunch of our Country. More than ever we need to be close."

In a period of great uncertainty, illimity shows its closeness to people, families and businesses with the message on the two maxi-posters placed between the Pirelli 39 and the Galleria Melchiorre Gioia. A symbolic and crucial point of the Lombard capital, which well represents the potential of a city that has made from redevelopment and revitalization its great strength.

Today more than ever, people need to be close, to be able to trust and rely on one another. Being a new paradigm bank also means looking beyond the space and time we are living, to be close to people and support the country's recovery. With this initiative, we confirm the mission that has accompanied us since our creation: to unlock the unexpressed potential of individuals, families and businesses and to do our utmost to make the best of it.

Just two years ago illimity was little more than an intuition, today it is a group with over 4 billion in assets and more than 600 employees from 200 companies and 20 different nationalities. And through its journey, it has shown that banks can truly play a positive role for the entire social ecosystem, not only by "making" profits but also by "being" useful to the community.

Keys to success:
For the dreams
of people
For the projects
of businesses
For the relaunch
of our Country