illimity was created to support and contribute to the growth of
Italian SMEs that demonstrate potential,
even those facing challenges.

Enrico Fagioli, Head of the SME Division, talks about illimity’s offering for companies.

Who we are talking to

illimity is principally aimed at industrial, Italian small- and medium-sized enterprises (with an annual turnover of more than €30 million) that are in complex situations or face strong discontinuity, characterised by limited access to credit. We also provide factoring to companies of all sizes and have developed targeted services for both performing and non-performing companies.

Our offering


Structuring of articulated financial transactions in complex situations, which entail in-depth advice for relaunching the company on the market beside the redefinition of the financing structure.


Solutions for funding working capital and the supply chain, to secure short-term liquidity and services. A complete, easy-to-use platform that can be operational immediately.


Complete financing solutions aimed at supporting SMEs in their development and growth, or strategic redefinition and repositioning plans, with the support of qualified business consulting services.

illimity SGR

illimity SGR was founded in February 2020, the asset management firm specialised in alternative investments focusing on corporate loans.


  • Originated business



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