illimity was created to support and contribute to the growth of
Italian SMEs that demonstrate potential

Enrico Fagioli, Head of Growth Credit Division, talks about illimity’s offering for companies.

Who we are talking to

illimity is principally aimed at industrial, Italian small- and medium-sized enterprises. Companies that are in complex situations or face strong discontinuity due to limited access to credit, can find support in illimity thanks to the innovative services offered.

Our offering


The first Digital Business Store of medium and long term financial services and credit, to support businesses with a turnover of indicatively 2 to 10 million euros. A platform created by listening to entrepreneurs to offer them what they need to continue to grow.


Structuring of articulated financial transactions in complex situations, which entail in-depth advice for relaunching the company on the market beside the redefinition of the financing structure.


Solutions for funding working capital and the supply chain, to secure short-term liquidity and services. A complete, easy-to-use platform that can be operational immediately.


Complete financing solutions aimed at supporting SMEs in their development and growth, or strategic redefinition and repositioning plans, with the support of qualified business consulting services.

Loan Agency

The Loan Agency supports companies in their financing and contract management projects, also in coordination with other banks.
From testing the conditions of effectiveness, to periodic compliance, the team provides cross-administrative, legal and technical financial expertise to facilitate the closing of deals.
The goal is to build strong long-term relationships, providing a simple, fast and synergic experience with other areas of the bank.

  • Net customer loans of the Growth Credit Division



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