We are a bank and we are proud to be one

We lend particularly because we want to find and nourish the wealth of hidden potential in our economy and our society:

  • • Companies that, with support, could make a giant leap forward
  • • Companies that, with support, could get back on the right track
  • • Companies that didn't manage to make it, but that could provide some value.

Behind and in these companies there are people and families, and around them, a community.
Our actions can foster their well-being.


Playing through numbers


Giving life to new projects


Beyond the comfort zone


Selling the impossible


Dance your way

We live by innovation

We are a new paradigm company with our roots in listening to the real needs expressed by companies and people. This was our starting point for fundamentally redesigning how to be a bank and how to provide banking services, integrating cutting-edge technologies with the best expertise and experience.

We believe in freedom

Our spirit is entrepreneurial and we feel free to move beyond the preconceptions and conformisms of the traditional system, freed of external conditioning.


We act responsibly

  • • towards our shareholders, working hard to optimise the returns on the capital entrusted to us, especially in the medium term
  • • towards our customers, speaking to them clearly, getting back to them quickly and helping them with the challenges they face
  • • towards our staff, making the most of their potential and their diversity, seeking the right work-life balance
  • • towards our partners, providing an ever increasing platform for cooperation and opportunities
  • • towards society and the environment, making a positive impact.

We want the facts to show we are not only capable of making a profit, but also of making a positive contribution to society, helping to foster well-being and build trust.

We are illimity. Bank beyond the form.

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