illimitHER is a diversity & inclusion
programme from illimity to unleash
the potential of young women

An initiative born under the sign of STEMintheCity digital innovation, a project backed by the Milan City Council to disseminate a STEM culture and remove the cultural stereotypes that keep girls away from technical and scientific subjects.

Beyond traditional role models

We provide access for inspiring people: women who have managed to go beyond, helping to remodel the future through their own professional and personal achievements. We provide a forum for men who support gender equality. But most importantly, we give young women under 35 a voice. To connect them with other young women who are ready to enter the worlds of work and higher education. To share digital skills and professional experiences from a unique perspective: generational proximity.

Beyond stereotypes
in search of potential

A programme rich in innovation and designed to inspire. To forge the skills needed to prepare a new generation of women for the world of work and digital transformation. By breaking down stereotypes and forcefully including their talent, contributions and vision.

Beyond barriers

An open ecosystem of partnerships with associations that are committed to training new generations and diversity & inclusion. To give illimiters the chance to be part of networks. To open up such opportunities to deserving young people through the "suspended fees" project.

illimityHER. Her Potential, Our Support.

illimitHER ecosystem

illimitHer has its roots in building partnerships with associations and initiatives that are committed to training new generations, and diversity & inclusion.

STEMintheCity –
We support the future

Young Women Network –
Achieve more together

Smart Future Academy –
What do you want to do when you grow up?

SheTech – Empowering
women in tech

Scuola di Politiche – Forming the Future

Unstoppable Women – Stories of women, entrepreneurs and founders

Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano

to break down the cultural barriers that stop girls away from studying STEM subjects. COVID-19 has caused it to develop into an open digital project, rich in content designed to spur young girls and boys to improve their digital skills.

Young Women Network is a non-profit association that empowers women through a culture of cooperation. It has over 35 volunteers, and about 450 associates and professionals aged over 25 from different industries.

Smart Future Academy is an innovative project for high-school pupils to help them understand what they want to do when they grow up by bringing them into contact with leading people from the worlds of business, culture, science and art.

SheTech is an association that brings women closer to technology, the digital world and entrepreneurship to help them develop their own businesses, get on a career path or improve their skills.

Scuola di Politiche is a training pathway for young people with plenty of potential so they can improve their ability to react to change and become standard bearers of change in their professional lives and in society. The educational bases of this programme are a multidisciplinary approach, an international vision and a focus on behavioural skills.

A section that tells stories and paths bringing to female leadership

Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano is an open park in the heart of Milan, an inclusive place to live experiences in contact with nature, thanks to a free cultural program inspired by the 17 UN sustainable development goals 2030 culturale gratuito ispirato ai 17 obiettivi di sviluppo sostenibile Onu 2030


Talks from young role models: from astrophysics to writers, from blockchain experts to brilliant startuppers. Two digital appointments per month and one major phi-gital event per year.

15 September


15 September


illimitHER Marathon
An astrophysicist, a glaciologist chemist and the Deputy Minister of Education, together, to look beyond borders.